Title: Current Topics in Biophysics 1996 Vol.20(1)

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Wisniewska Anna Subczynski Witold K. - Spin-Label Study on Gramicidin-Phosphatidylcholine Interface : Fluidity, Hydrophobicity and Ion Penetration ; Pasenkiewicz-Gierula Marta Subczynski Witold K. - Structure and Dynamics of Lipid Bilayer Membranes Comprasion of EPR and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Results ; Lomnicka Magdalena Subczynski Witold K. - Spin-Label No-Metry ; Utsumi Hideo Takeshita Keizo Ichikawa Kazuhiro Matsumoto Ken-ichiro - IN VIVO WSR Measurement of Free Radical Reactions in Living Animals ; Elas Martyna Cieszka Krystyna Matuszak Zenon Łukiewicz Stanisław - Bioreduction of Nitroxides in Murine Tumors with Blocked Thiols in the Light of the in VIVO ESR Data ; Halpern Howard J. Cheng Yul Peric Miroslav Barthl Eugene D. Grdina David Reesel Michael Teicher Beverly A. Pou Sovitj Rosen Gerald M.- Very Lov Frequency EPR: What we have learned and what we may learn ; Elas Martyna Cieszka Kystyna Matuszak Zenon Łukiewicz Stanisław - The Influence of Hyperthermia on Bioreduction of Nitroxides by B16 Melanoma as Studied by IN VITRO and IN VIVO ESR ; Basosi Riccardo Pogni Rebecca Delle Lunga Giovanni - EPR Discrimination of N-Ligands Coordinating Copper in Dipepide Camplexes in Solution ; Khomutov Gennady B. Gilmiyarova Sofia G. Tikhonov Alexander N. - EPR Study of Surface Potential and Buffer Capacity of Thylakoid Membranes ; Pułaski Łukasz Gwoździński Krzysztof Fortuniak Anna Bartosz Grzegorz - A Spin Label Substrate to Study Glutahione S-Conjugate Transport ; Magnitsky Sergei G. Masarova Maryanna Tikhonov Alexander N. - Determination of Transmembrane pH Difference in Chloroplasts Using the Effect of Concentrational Broadening of Tempoamine EPR Spectrum ; Froncisz Wojciech Antholine Wiliam E. - Saturation Recovery EPR of Cu(Catechol)2 ; Płonka Przemysław M. Płonka Beata K. Pajak Stanisława Łukiewicz Stanisław J. - EPR Studies on the Generation of Nitric Oxide in Rejecting RAT Heart Allograftt an IN SITU Growing Tumors ; Eaton Gareth R. Eaton Sandra S. - Determination of Electron-Electron Interspin Distance by Electron Spin Echi and Saturation Recovery Electron Paramagnetic Resonance ; Janicka Magdalena Gwoździński Krzysztof Węclewska Urszula Łuciak Marek Pawlicki Lucjan - Role of Oxygen Free Radicals in Erythrocyte Damage in Chronic Renal Failure ; Cieszka Krystyna Elas Martyna Matuszak Zenon Łukiewicz Stanisław - IN VIVO ESR Studies on the Effect of O2 on Bioreduction of Nitroxides in Murine Tumors ; Płonka Beata K. Cieszka Krystyna Płonka Przemysław M. Pajak Stanisława Raczek Jolanta Lukiewicz Stanisław J. - ESR Signals Detectable in the Tumors of Murine L5178Y-R Lymphoma ; Eaton Sandra S. Eaton Gareth R. - Electron Spin Relaxation in Discrete Molecular Species


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Current Topics in Biophysics 1996 Vol.20(1) Mar 22, 2011

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