Rok Władysława Zamoyskiego (1853-1924)

By the decision of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, the year 2024 was declared the Year of Wladyslaw Zamoyski (1853-1924) - son of General Wladyslaw Zamoyski and Jadwiga née Dzialynska; a Polish social activist, philanthropist who took over and developed the Kórnik estate, auctioned off Zakopane and gave significant support to the victorious Morskie Oko trial, and actively participated in the work of Polish emigration, especially in France. The Zamoyski family's conviction of the value of work for the benefit of society and Wladyslaw's experience of traveling in Australia and the USA made him effectively involved in the modernization processes of the second half of the 19th century. Toward the end of his life, he donated his entire estate, along with his exceptionally valuable book collection, to the Polish nation, creating the Zakłady Kórnickie Foundation.

The following collection of materials from the collection of PAN's Kórnik Library contains unique manuscripts, rare pamphlets and many prints relating to the private life and activities of Wladyslaw Zamoyski. The number of objects in this collection will steadily increase.

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