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Inertial training: from the oldest devices to the newest Cyklotren technology


Naczk, Mariusz ; Naczk, Alicja ; Brzenczek-Owczarzak, Wioletta ; Arlet, Jarosław ; Adach, Zdzisław

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inertial ; device ; training ; strength ; power


Introduction. Inertial training is a little known strength training method. Very few research papers describing the effectiveness of inertial training have been published. Many questions regarding inertial training still remain unanswered. What do we know about the methodology of inertial training? What is the efficacy of inertial training? What are advantages and disadvantages of different inertial devices? The present study attempts to explain the concept of inertial training and recapitulate the state of current knowledge about this training method. Methods. Material for this study consisted of publications retrieved from the PubMed, Springer, SPORTDiscus, and MEDLINE databases. Results. There has been only one scientific study concerned with the optimal methodology of inertial training. In the present paper the authors discuss a method for optimal muscle loading during inertial training. However, most articles reveal a high efficacy of inertial training for strength and power improvement in a relatively short time. Inertial training can evoke functional changes and can be useful in sport practice. There have been a few types of inertial devices, and in the last five years two devices have been designed which enable the development of inertial training methodology: ITMS and Cyklotren. However, since inertial training methodology still remains insufficiently examined, further research is needed in the area. Conclusions. Considering its high effectiveness, inertial training appears to be a highly promising strength training method. However, the methodology of inertial training must be further developed. The application of the new Cyklotren inertial device can greatly facilitate this objective


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