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Publication description

Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1994 No.3

Publication structure:
  • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
    • 1994
      • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1994 No.3
        • Foreword: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1994 No.3
        • Kabsch, Aleksander; Mikołajczyk, Wojciech; Wilanowski, Robert; 1994, Characteristics of Local Muscle Fatigue in EMG Signals within Surface Electromiography
        • Osiński, Wiesław; 1994, Socio-Economic Differences in Body Build and Motor Ability of Children and Adolescents
        • Dworak, Lechosław B.; 1994, The Structure of Muscle Torques in a Population of Children and Youth
        • Brzezińska, Anna; 1994, Movement and the Child. The Role of Physical Education in the Pre-School Period
        • Drozdowski, Zbigniew; 1994, Reflections on the Discipline of Physical Culture and Its Position in the Sciences
        • Gaj, Jerzy; 1994, Ideas, Conditions and Effects of Institutional Activity in the Physical Culture of Poland (1919-1939)
        • Siwiński, Wiesław; 1994, The Authority of a Physical Culture Specialist in the Work Environment
        • Sokolov, Victor; Furmanov, Alexander; Shestakova, Tatiana; 1994, The Physical Culture of a Population Inhabiting Radioactively Contaminated Areas
        • Taylor, Peter; 1994, New Forms of Leisure Organisation and Management
        • Lipoński, Wojciech; 1994, Psychological Barriers to Participation in Recreational Sport
        • Demel, Maciej; 1994, Health Education: Beginnings, Growth, Current Inventory and Future Perspectives
        • Kiełbasiewicz-Drozdowska, Iwona; Kowalczyk, Leonard; Olszewska-Matz, Alicja; Siwiński, Wiesław; Stepczyńska, Arleta; 1994, Physical and Health Culture of Students in the Light of Research
        • Żukowska, Zofia; 1994, The Role of the Pedagogy of Physical Culture in Preparing P.E. Teachers and Coaches for Their Educational Role in Health Education
        • Wolańska, Teresa; 1994, New Developments of Sport for All in Poland
        • Bogucki, Jerzy; Erdmann, Lech; 1994, Training of Experts in Tourism, Recreation and Leisure Professions in Poland
        • Woźniak, Alicja; Bosiacki, Stefan; 1994, Tourism in the Lifestyle of Inhabitants of the Poznań Province
        • Bogucki, Jerzy; Wykrętowicz, Stanisław; 1994, On the need for identifying tourism studies as an independent academic discipline
        • Notes for contributors: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1994 No.3
        • Contents: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1994 No.3