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Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1996 No.4

Publication structure:
  • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
    • 1996
      • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1996 No.4
        • An introduction, or a real opening: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1996 No.4
        • MacNeill, Margaret; 1996, North American Vitalogy: Marketing self-help and physical culture in the twentieth century
        • Pronger, Brian; 1996, Feminist exercise science?
        • Ziółkowska, Teresa; 1996, The role of physical education in special education and health institutions in Poznań to 1918
        • Kobendza, Ryszard L.; 1996, Origins of rowing and its various branches in Poland
        • Gracz, Jacek; 1996, Sport and needs
        • Lidor, Ronnie; 1996, Awareness and nonawareness approaches to motor learning and performance: How to organize thoughts during execution of motor tasks
        • Morecki, Adam; 1996, Biomechanics and biomedical engineering in the world and Central and Eastern European Countries
        • Zeyland-Malawka, Ewa; 1996, The significance of posture and body position for human health
        • Dworak, Lechosław B.; Kręgielski, Tomasz; Mączyński, Jacek; 1996, Relationships of time-force parameters in the dynamic reaction of ground and speed during walking
        • Kwilecka, Maria; 1996, The level of psychomotor efficiency and variability of a body's temperature during the menstrual cycle
        • Valkova, Hana; 1996, Family sport atmosphere and motor achievements of pupils with learning difficulties
        • Rostkowska, Elżbieta; 1996, An analysis of hand temperature distribution in children engaged in sport
        • Szczęśniak, Łucja; Rychlewski, Tadeusz; Banaszak, Franciszek; 1996, Effect of physical exercise on binding and degradation of INS125J [125I-insulin] by erythrocytes in healthy and diabetic individuals
        • Kłossowski, Marek; Klukowski, Krzysztof; Rychlewski, Tadeusz; Machowski, Stanisław; 1996, Evaluation of effort tolerance in first league football players
        • Banaszak, Franciszek; Strzelczyk, Ryszard; Rychlewski, Tadeusz; 1996, Parameters of acid-base balance in swimmers undergoing physical exertion both in and out of water - a critical analysis
        • Brzezińska, Anna; 1996, The child - A hidden educational curriculum for developing health habits
        • Kuźmińska, Olga; 1996, Gymnastics-dance exercises in recreation
        • Sokołow, Wiktor; 1996, Reasons for career choices in physical education teaching
        • Siwiński, Wiesław; 1996, Psychological-pedagogical determinants conditioning the aspirations of student-athletes
        • Siwiński, Wiesław; 1996, Physical culture specialist teacher training and its role in fulfilling health education requirements
        • Kiełbasiewicz-Drozdowska, Iwona; Siwiński, Wiesław; 1996, Self-study in health education by physical culture specialists
        • Parnicki, Florian; Stelmach, Marian; Zaradkiewicz, Tadeusz; 1996, Another look at teaching the basics of windsurfing
        • Wachowski, Eugeniusz; Strzelczyk, Ryszard; 1996, Some remarks related to children and competitive sport
        • Woźniak, Alicja; 1996, Does tourism really involve cross-cultural encounter?
        • Notes for contributors: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1996 No.4
        • Contents: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1996 No.4