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Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1998 Vol.5

Publication structure:
  • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
    • 1998
      • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1998 Vol.5
        • Introduction: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1998 Vol.5
        • Mouratidis, J.; Abaisidis, G.; Angelopoulou, N.; Mylonas, A.; Kitsios, A.; Papadopoulos, P.; Papadopoulou, S.; 1998, The promotion of health through physical education and athletics in Aristotle
        • Papaellina, Clea; 1998, Prehistoric Greek games and sports
        • Bronikowski, Michał; 1998, Olympic Education - its dangers and its benefits
        • Nowak, Justyna; 1998, The cultural-historical aspects to basketball in the light of James Naismith's memoirs: Basketball - Its Origin And Development
        • Válková, Hana; 1998, Education of adapted physical activity professionals in the Czech Republic
        • Sankowski, Tadeusz; 1998, Reactivity to stimuli as a determining factor in the pattern of activity in sports
        • Strzelczyk, Ryszard; Wachowski, Eugeniusz; Janowski, Jarosław; Kowalski, Jarosław; Baryłkiewicz, Włodzimierz (Russia); Konys, Leszek; 1998, Factors differentiating the fitness of children from dissimilar geographical environments
        • Starosta, Włodzimierz; Stronczyński, Włodzimierz; 1998, Variability of the level of kinesthesia in mastering sports technique processes (Based on the example of soccer)
        • Szeklicki, Robert; 1998, Correlates of self-perceived health and physical activity of children and youth in Poland
        • Kasap, Hasan; Alpkaya, U.; 1998, Comparison of the simple reaction time in different branches
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        • Karásková, Vlasta; 1998, Determining factors in the attitudes of children with slight mental handicaps towards physical activity
        • Mouratidis, J.; Mylonas, A.; Angelopoulou, N.; Ambatsidis, G.; Kitsios, A.; Anastasiou A.; Papadopoulos, P.; 1998, The importance of physiotherapy in ancient Greek athletics
        • Bosiacki, Stefan; 1998, Education for leisure - myth or reality
        • Siwiński, Wiesław; 1998, The paths of development in physical recreation during the political transformations in Poland
        • Kiełbasiewicz-Drozdowska, Iwona; 1998, Active lifestyle - fashion, choice or necessity?
        • Woźniewicz-Dobrzyńska, Małgorzata; 1998, The significance of recreation for the contemporary woman
        • Szwarc, Andrzej J.; 1998, Changes in the legal status of Polish sports clubs and unions
        • Book review: Norbert Henkemens, ed., Loving them to death? Sustainable tourism in Europe's Nature and National Parks; rev. by Wanda Staniewska-Zątek
        • Book review: David Levinson, Karen Christensen, eds., Encyclopedia of World Sport: From Ancient Times to the Present; rev. by Wojciech Lipoński
        • Book review: Norman Davies, Europa (Europe); Antoni Mączak, ed., Historia Europy (History of Europe); rev. by Wojciech Lipoński
        • Book review: Marian Bondarowicz and Sławomir Owczarek, Zabawy i gry ruchowe w gimnastyce korekcyjnej (Plays and games in corrective gymnastics); rev. by Michał Bronikowski
        • Notes for contributors: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1998 Vol.5
        • Contents: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 1998 Vol.5