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Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 2000 Vol.7

Publication structure:
  • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
    • 2000
      • Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 2000 Vol.7
        • Introduction: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 2000 Vol.7
        • Yalouris, Nicolaos; 2000, The cultural and intellectual dimension of ancient Elis and Olympia
        • Mouratidis, Ioannis; Agelopoulou, N.; Abatsidis, G.; Mylonas, A.; Papadopoulos, P.; Anastasiou, A.; Papadopoulou, S.; Sasagiannh, H.; 2000, The promotion of health through physical education and athletics in Plato
        • López von Vriessen, Carlos; 2000, Results of an ethnological research in southern Chile
        • Bronikowski, Michał; 2000, Development of various forms of physical culture as a determinant of broader social changes
        • Janowska, Małgorzata; 2000, Play and work - differences or similarities?
        • Møller, Jørn; 2000, Sports research as cultural research in the process of globalization
        • Banaszak, Franciszek; Rychlewski, Tadeusz; Stemplewski, Rafał; 2000, The effect of physical exercise on the concentration of hypoxanthine in plasma of lean and obese boys
        • Laurentowska, Maria; Rychlewski, Tadeusz; Głowacki, Maciej; Jastrzębski, Andrzej; Michalak, Edyta; Szczepanowska, Ewa; Deskur-Śmielecka, Ewa; 2000, The spiroergometric assessment of physical performance in patients operated for lateral spinal curvature
        • Zembroń-Łacny, Agnieszka; 2000, Prooxidant - antioxidant equilibrium in the blood of athletes
        • De Rueda, B.; Martinez, M.; Oña, A.; 2000, Influence of the application of a motor rhythmic program on the rhythmic-hearing learning
        • Siwiński, Wiesław; 2000, Activities of Polish local governments in the field of motor recreation tasks execution
        • Bosiacki, Stefan; Majchrzak, Katarzyna; 2000, The analysis of the size and structure of foreign tourism in Poznań
        • Eichberg, Henning; 2000, Movement landscape scenarios and grassroots conflict - green revitalization in a Danish rural area
        • Book review: Wiesław Osiński, Antropomotoryka (Antropomotorics). Wydawnictwo AWF Poznań, Seria Podręczniki, nr 49, 2000. rev. by Janusz Maciaszek
        • Book review: Wojciech Lipoński, Olimpizm dla każdego (Olimpism for everyone). Wydawnictwo AWF Poznań, 2000. rev. by Michał Bronikowski
        • Book review: Deutschland in der Olympischen Bewegung. Eine Zwischenbilanz, ed. Manfred Lämmer, Nationalen Olympischen Komitee für Deutschland, Frankfurt am Main 1999. rev. by Wojciech Lipoński
        • Notes for contributors: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 2000 Vol.7
        • Contents: Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism 2000 Vol.7