Title: Current Topics in Biophysics 1999 Vol.23(1)

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Sławiński Janusz Manikowski Henryk Górski Zbigniew - EPR Spectra of Humic Acids and Melanins Exposed to UV Radiation ond Ozone ; Zhou Yi Mitri Ragheed Eaton Gareth R. Eaton Sandra S. - Electron Spin Littice Relaxation Processes for Molecular S=1/ Systems in Glassy Matrices at Temperatures Between 10 and 130 K ; Subczyński Witold K. - Spin-Label Oximetry in Biological and Model Systems ; Murzyn Krzysztof Róg Tomasz Pasenkiewicz-Gierula Marta - Comparsion of the Conformation and the Dynamics of Saturated and Mono-Unsaturated Hydrocarbobn Chains of Phosphatidylcholines ; Antholine Wiliam E. Krishna Murali Li Wenbao Petering David H. - Identification by Electron Spin Resonance of Two Axial Ligands in CO(II) Bleomycin in the Presence and Absence of DNA ; Halpern Howard J. Chandramouli G.V.R. Barth Wiliams Benjamin B. Galtsev Valeri E. - Approaches to Problems in High Resolution In Vivo Spectral Spatial Imaging With Radiofrequency EPR1 ; Busi Elena Pogini Rebecca Baosi Riccardo - The Biodegradation Reaction Mechanism of Aromatic Pollutants by Heme Protein - H20 Systems: an EPR Spin Trapping Study ; Bastian Neil R. Lloyd Lisa Foster Meredith J.P. Hibbs Jr. J.B. - EPR Detection of Pathologic Events in Mice ; Wiśniewska Anna Subczyński Witold K. - Ion Penetration as Indicator of Changes in the Hydrophobicity of Lipid BiLayer Membranes: Spin-Probe Spin-Label Method ; Płonka Beata Gurbiel Ryszard J. Płonka Przemysław M. - Complexity of EPR Spectra of L5178Y-R Lymphoma Tumors Growing in Various Murine Hosts ; Brzeszczyńska Joanna Gwoździński Krzysztof - T-Butylhydroperoxide-Inducted Alterations in Erythrocyte Components ; Voevodska Nina V. Kubrina Lyudmila N. Serezhenkov Vladimir A. Mikoyan Vasak D. Vanin Anatoly F. - The Nitric Oxide-Medisted Degradation of Active Center in an Iron-Sulphur Protein Adrenoxin ; Elas Martyna Raczek Jolanta Bratasz Anna Rudnicka Beata Krawczyk Krzysztof Szypulka Rafał Hodor Krzysztof Łukiewicz Stanisław - Paramagnetic Centers Observed in Human Tumors by EPR Technique ; Della Lunga Giovanni Pogini Rebecca Baosi Riccardo - Statistical Analysis of Spin-Hamiltonian Parametrics Obtained From a Simulated Annealing Procedure for Liquid Phase Copper Complexes ; Płonka Przemysław M. Chłopicki Stefan Płonka Beata K. Jawień Jacek Gryglewski Ryszard J. - Endotoxaemia in rats: Detection of Nitrosyl-Haemoglobin in Blood and Lung by EPR ; Fujii Hirotada Kazama Shunsuke Berliner Lawrence J - Nitroso, Nitroxyl and No: In Vivo ESR


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Current Topics in Biophysics 1999 Vol.23(1) Mar 22, 2011


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