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Digital Library of Wielkopolska

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Why we use cookie files?

What is cookie?

Cookies are small text files, sended by WWW site and saved on user's computer. Access to the content of cookie files should be possible only for WWW site from which cookie comes from. Cookies are often used in various system gathering visitors statistics, electronic shopping carts, and pages requiring authentication. Information stored in cookie files are often used to customize content presented on WWW site.

Why cookies are used on our WWW site?

In our digital library cookies are used for:

  1. Maintaining user's session (after logging in) - thanks to this user don't have to type in his login and password every time when visiting new page.
  2. To adjust behavior of WWW site to user's preferences eg. displaying (or not) warning about publication format.

Content of cookie files is not sufficient to identify user. Our digital library WWW site doesn't use coookie to transmit personal data of any kind.

Cookies blocking

Default configuration of some web browser doesn't allow to use cookie files this may lead to weird behavior of our WWW site. Detailed instruction how disable cookies blocking is available on Wikipedia site about Cookies.