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To His Excellency the Count of Czernihew Commander in Chief of Her Majestyb the Empress of All the Russlas Fleet and Gallies Lieutenant General of her Armies, One of the Lords of Ber Admiralty, Ambasador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to this Majesty the King of Great Britain a Knight of the Order of the White Eagle, and St. Ann, etc. etc. etc. This map of the Present Seat of War, between the Russians, Poles, and Turks is Most Humbly Inscribed by his Excellen's Most Humble and Most Obde-t Serv-t Andrew Dury.

Planned publication
    Subject and Keywords:
    • Europa południowo-wschodnia 18w. ; Kaukaz ; Krym ; wojny z Turcją ; mapa historyczna
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